Combinations and Permutations- a study of arrangements Malaysian SPM / O Level

New Revised file: Permutations_rev1

  1. Permutations and Combinations – a study of arrangements.
  2. Arrangements can be ordered or unordered also known as selections.
  3. This site also shows the relationship between combinations and permutations.
  4. Permutations is always greater than combinations  as this proof above shows


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Sec 1 The Cross Method to factorise

  1. I have some worked examples to further illustrate how the cross method is used.
  2. File as shown:
    Examples of Cross method
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Sec 1 Factorise Quadratic Expressions

The cross method is the most useful method to factorize a quadratic expression. In this slides, it is shown in detail how it is done.
Factorise quadratic expresisons

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Sec 1 Solving one Unknown in Algebra

Here is a presentation on solving one unknown variable for algebra.

Some guidelines are presented, but it should not replace lots of practice and rigorous exercises.
Sec1 solving one unknown in algebra

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Sec 1 Intro to Algebra

  1. Algebra is the key and all students must have a solid foundation.
  2. I hope you enjoy the problem solving as much as I do.

File is here: Intro_Algebra_r1

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Sec 1 Rates Ratio and Speed

Some very basic fundamentals are shown here

I hope you enjoy learning it


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Sec 1 Angles and Parallel Lines

A simple note on parallel lines and angles related to it.

Lines and Angles

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